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The key word here is PURE. Pure Honey. There are a lot of fakes out there. Don’t be fooled.

Our raw WildFlower/Gallberry mix of delicious honey is nutrient-rich with anti-microbial properties and comes from local beekeepers right here in Florida. But most of all, It’s delicious, and has a rich, full-bodied taste.

It reminds some people of soft candy.
It can be eaten as a snack. It adds body to bread, spices different meats with juiciness, layers desserts with goodness, the versatility is nothing short of amazing. When it is used as an ingredient, it completely changes the density, taste, and chewiness of the item. For instance, eating a cake made with sugar is quite a different culinary experience from eating a cake made with Isaiah’s Pure Honey.

As important, Isaiah’s Pure Honey is good for you and healthy on many levels…

• First, it is good to eat, as it is pure unprocessed food.
• Second, it is good to consume. It is a food which digests easily and naturally; this is because pure honey is composed primarily of simple and natural sugars without additives, preservatives or chemicals.
• Third, pure honey can help in the battle against the bulge. Because it is so dense, nobody would binge out on 100% pure honey. For instance, a large orange has the equivalent of eight teaspoons of pure honey sugar-wise, and nobody thinks twice about eating an orange or two. But have you ever seen anyone eating eight teaspoons of pure honey out of a container at any one time?

A small amount of Isaiah’s Pure Honey goes a long way. Compare this to sugar or sugar products which seem to trigger the appetite. Eat a sugar-based cake, and you want another piece, but eat a cake made with Isaiah’s pure honey, and you are quickly full and feel you have had enough.

For all these reasons, Isaiah’s Pure Honey is the most perfectly balanced food you could possibly eat.

Are you convinced? We hope so. Give it a try. This is truly a product that God intended it to be – pure, unprocessed, and 100% natural.

Isaiah’s Pure Honey is packaged in 15 oz. glass bottles, and each bottle is checked prior to shipping; not just for quality, but to ensure that each one has been heat-sealed to guarantee freshness and a long shelf life.

Associated benefits of Isaiah’s Pure Honey:
Loaded with antioxidants
Watch your weight melt away
Stay regular
Improve your immune system
Reduce your allergies
Boost your energy
Soothe sore throat and cough
Detoxify your body
Neutralize gas
Increase hydration
Boost “good” cholesterol
Reduce cardiovascular strain
Antifungal and antibacterial
Aide in allergy relief

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

You guys remember the old saying, “An apple a day…” well, seems there is a lot of truth in this statement. But you know what? There’s countless ways to keep the doctor’s visits down to a minimum. Most all revolve around eating fresh fruits and veggies, or juicing them. Good, solid nutrition coming in the form of the product we feed our bodies with. Apple Cider Vinegar, although a byproduct of the apple, supplies us with many beneficial properties in regards to keeping and maintaining good health. Let’s look at just a few…

Sore Throat
You can mix some apple cider vinegar with warm water and gargle. I prefer gargling with it straight.

Insect Bites
Applying ACV on the bites with Q-tips, it will take the itch away. Kathrine loves ammonia for ant bites, to keep them from festering up. Thought I’d just throw that in there.

High Cholesterol
There seems to be evidence that ACV helps in lowering cholesterol. Diabetes One of the more promising attributes of ACV is its ability to lower glucose levels.

Heart Health
ACV is thought to aid in lowering blood pressure.

Athletes Feet
ACV is a good anti-fungal, and applying to the area or areas affected. Sensitive skin, or using on children, it would probably be a good idea to dilute it in a little water.


Watch Your Weight Melt Away
Stay Regular
Improve Your Immune System
Reduce Your Allergies
Boost Your Energy
Soothe Sore Throat And Cough
Detoxify Your Body
Neutralize Gas
Increase Hydration
Boost "Good" Cholesterol
Reduce Cardiovascular Strain


lemons with slice


Growing up, I never particularly cared for lemon and never paid any attention to the Health Values of Lemon. Well, besides lemonade, and I love lemon squeezed over my fish. Other than that, I just didn't see much use for it, until we stared manufacturing our product, WE BELIEVE.

Funny how you change, isn't it.

Today, I keep a gallon jug of Lemon Water on hand in the fridge. I love it. When juicing my lemon, I use peel and all.

Also, lemon is very, very good for you in so many other ways. Let's take a look at Health Benefits derived from the lemon.

One of the first Home Remedies I'd read about was sliced lemon treating acne. Seems it's a good facial cleanser. I've also read where honey is a good facial cleanser too, and adding a little honey to your lemon slice is the ticket too. You leave it on 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water.

Lemons contain many cancer fighting compounds. Again, I go back to strengthening your body's immune system, and also being cautious of many of the additives and preservatives found in our foods today.

Lemons are used in the treatement of scurvy.

Lemons are very helpful in alkalizing your body.

Lemons help to aid in regularity.

Vitamin C
Lemons are very high in Vitamin C

Lemons have strong antibacterial properties.

Improve Bone Health
Lemon peels have been found to help improve your bone health.

Reduces Cholesterol
This promotes a healthier heart.


Balance Your Body’s pH
Relieve Indigestion & Constipation
Lose Weight Faster
Improve Your Oral Care
Boost Your Concentration
Exfoliate Your Skin & Treat Acne
Detoxify Your Liver
Treat High Blood Pressure
Get Rid of Dandruff
Make Your Feet More Attractive
Alleviate Pain, Fever, & Chills




First off, the Health Enhancements of Ginger, just like Garlic, have been used for thousands of years not only for their food flavoring properties, but have been used heavily for their Medicinal Values as well.

The Health Enhancements of Ginger, again just like Garlic, are loaded in Anti-Oxidants.

This might help you to understand a little more in the term, Antioxidants, and it's meaning.

Vitamin C is the most common water-soluble antioxidant, while Vitamin E is one of the most common fat-soluble antioxidants. The major benefit of consuming antioxidants is that they seem to prevent and even reverse many kinds of cancer, as well as heart disease and other deadly diseases. In addition to that, in case you need to know more than that, taking in large amounts of antioxidants seems to slow down the aging process. So run, do not walk, to your nearest farmer’s market and stock up on these wonderful little molecules!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the areas that ginger has been shown to benefit health:

Once more, just like garlic, ginger also possesses abilities to help aid in the prevention of Cancer…see garlic.

Nausea or Vomiting
Simply chewing on ginger will aid in both, even nausea due to chemotherapy. It works well in regards to motion sickness too.

Ginger’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent joint pain.

Ginger actually has properties providing relief from bloating and gas.

Headache Relief
I’ve read in numerous places the ability of ginger to aid in the pain relief due to headaches…even migraines.

Cold and Flu Prevention
Steep 2 tablespoons of freshly shredded ginger root in hot water and take 2-3 times daily.

Heart Health
Consuming small quantities of ginger daily can help to prevent a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits in the arteries.

Combats Respiratory Problems
Ginger has the ability to help in expanding your lungs and breaking up congestion.

Other health benefits from ginger are an aid in the treatment of asthma, muscle pain from exercise, and inflammation of the colon.


Maintains Blood Circulation
Remedies Motion Sickness
Improves Absorption
Cold and Flu Prevention
Combats Stomach Discomfort
Colon Cancer Prevention
Reduce Pain and Inflammation
Fights Respiratory Problems
Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Strengthens Immunity
Combats Morning Sickness

Pure Honey

Bottle of honey


In the benefits below, these are based upon using Raw, Unprocessed Honey, which is exactly what we use in the manufacture of our product.

Honey SHOULD NOT be given to infants under 1 year of age.

Weight Loss
Using raw honey instead of sugar, tests have shown less weight gain and lower blood sugar levels.

Honey is loaded with antioxidants.

Lower Cholesterol
Honey has the ability to lower total cholesterol, but increasing good cholesterol.

Honey is good to place on wounds, and I’ve seen research where it can be applied to canker sores as well.

Antifungal and Antibacterial
Honey has the ability to combat these as well as helping to build a strong immune system.

Honey is known to aid in allergy relief.

We’ve mixed raw honey, lemon, and a shot of your favorite bourbon to help alleviate coughs and sore throats.

Drink enough of the bourbon, and you can omit the lemon and honey…just kidding!

Honey is known to relieve pain, and possibly infection, caused by burns. It is even claimed that honey, when used on small non-serious burns, will actually heal faster than even some known antibiotics.


Watch Your Weight Melt Away
Stay Regular
Improve Your Immune System
Reduce Your Allergies
Boost Your Energy
Soothe Sore Throat And Cough
Detoxify Your Body
Neutralize Gas
Increase Hydration
Boost “Good” Cholesterol
Reduce Cardiovascular Strain


full of garlic


When I first became involved in the Garlic Nutritional Values in an attempt to supply my body with much more nutritional foods, using heirloom vegetables in our garden for example, and even looking into the possibility of All-Natural ways of treating my body during sickness, and I have to admit that Nutritional Values of Garlic were one thing that kept popping up.

To be honest, after reading an article in “Backwoods Home Magazine,” it was then I became remotely aware of the Healing Powers of Garlic.

It spoke of Garlic poultices being applied to the chest for use in coughs or chest congestion. It also spoke of the benefits of ingesting a quarter clove of Garlic daily.

I will get Sinus Infections from time to time, some severe, and now when I feel the onset of one, I crush a clove of garlic, put it on a small piece of napkin, wrap it up well, just barely wet the napkin with hot water, then put the poultice in the nostril on the side where I feel the sinus infection coming on.

I then breathe deeply for a minute or so, then swap to the other nostril. I repeat this a couple three times, maybe 3-4 times daily, until I feel the infection subsiding.

I’m by no means stating for you to stop seeing your Doctor, and personally, I have a great primary care Doctor, who actually advocates the use of herbal or all-natural products.

There are occasions where he has a few minutes to spare, and we discuss alternative treatments.

Anyway…here are some other health benefits in regards to garlic that I’ve found reading an article here and there.

I’m sure there are more, but you will at least get an idea of the potential these products have in regards to our health. These are basically my thoughts in several of these areas.

A Possible Preventative in Certain Cancers- I do know this much. You pretty much are what you eat to a big extent.

This being said, I believe one reason for cancer being some rampant today, is exactly that…what we’re ingesting.

Stop and ponder the preservatives, and other additives as well, used in the manufacturing of our food products today.

A prime example is one that I personally know, growth hormones are used in raising livestock for commercial use.

The animals grow off faster…more weight, meaning more profit.

When’s the last time you could find a 2-1/2 to 3 pound fryer chicken? I can’t. The birds we find in the market place today are all much larger.

You have the same problem in GMO vegetables.

Hybrids grown for today’s marketplace with built in pest resistance, bred for higher yields per acre, even to the extent they’re immune to some herbicide products, Roundup as an example, all used for weed control.

They’re also picked earlier than normal to insure quality because of the amount of time involved in getting the product from field to table.

The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Garlic Juice

Stimulates Digestive Enzymes
Boosts Immune System
Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Lowers Risk of Blood Clots
Reduces Blood Pressure

This alone takes away nutrient value for you and your family, and sacrifices the good, old time taste you used to get in your vegetables simply because they were truly…vine ripened.

So, as far as garlic being a Cancer Preventive, I guess school is still out on that one, BUT, eating right, putting the right amount of good nutritious food into your system has GOT to build your immune system and with that being the case, I’m sure garlic and any number of other products would all be excellent cancer preventative foods.

Blood Thinning Properties
Garlic seems to be a good, natural blood thinner, and because of this garlic may help in the prevention of blood clots.

If you are already on blood thinning prescription meds, please check with your Doctor before using garlic.

Good Heart Health
Garlic can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower the risk of coronary disease, and artery hardening.

Garlic Does Boost Your Immune System
In the World wars, garlic was used to fight gangrene, and I believe was nicknamed “Russian Penicillin.”

Acne Control
The antioxidants in garlic kill bacteria, so simply rubbing a sliced clove of garlic on a pimple is an effective natural remedy.

Garlic actually regulates blood sugar levels through increased insulin release.

A few other benefits of Garlic Nutritional Values are helping in combating allergies, treating skin infections, it may aid preventing weight gain, and even has properties aiding in stirring up your passions, this through its ability to increase blood circulation.

Garlic Juice is an excellent source of:
Vitamin B6

Garlic Juice is a good source of:
Vitamin C


Prevent Colon/Stomach Cancer
Cold Protection
Regulates Blood Sugar
Reduces Acne
Treats High Blood Pressure
Psoriasis Treatment
Tames Cold Sores
Soothe Toothaches
Fights Allergies
Combats Hip Osteoarthritis
Prevents Weight Gain


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