The Story of How Our Natural Products Started

Hello, my name is Doug Bronson. I'm the founder and CEO of our company, Isaiah's Garden, which is home to our flagship product, Isaiah's Pure Natural. Isaiah’s Pure Natural is an all-natural health enhancer, with its main focus on lowering your cholesterol, as well as dissolving plaque buildup in your arteries.

I, being a man who believes in coming to know people through personal contact, felt it vitally important to share with you how our company came to pass.
I have been a skeptic of all-natural products as alternative health treatments my entire adult life; perhaps one of the biggest skeptics.

In June of 2008, I had a massive heart attack, had a stent put in, and was placed on 7 different prescription heart medicines as my follow-up health care. So be it, I thought.

Then, my late wife Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer on April Fool’s Day 2011, which unfortunately was found very late; it had already moved to other parts of her body. Her prognosis: no chance of surviving, with 8 months life expectancy. I'll state here as well, Debbie did one chemo treatment, then opted for an all-natural alternative in June of the same year.

In 2010, a very good friend of mine from India gave me a recipe, which eventually became Isaiah's Pure Natural, which was intended to get me off my prescription heart medicines. I simply laid it on my desk and never gave it a second thought... until Debbie opted for alternative treatment. ONLY AS A SHOW of my support to Debbie, I tossed my heart meds, cooked my first batch of the recipe, and to my surprise, it worked, just as my friend had told me it would.

I have taken absolutely zero prescription heart meds since that day, and nearly 3-1/2 years later, I have exclusively used Isaiah's Pure Natural.
I WANT TO STATE CLEARLY: Debbie DID NOT use this product at all in her battle with cancer. But I will say, with the alternative route she did choose, she lived 14-1/2 months with great quality of life. If fact, on most occasions, we literally forgot she was sick up until her last month.

As to what would become Isaiah’s Pure Natural, my excitement moved me to post the recipe on a website of mine in 2011, simply to see if others would experience the same health benefits I had seen. The reviews back were astounding and all positive. Then I released the same recipe o a year later, with the same results; many of the reviews were astounding as to the health benefits others were experiencing. We began receiving thank you notes from around the world, literally, including comments like “thank you for giving us our lives back, and God Bless!”

With so many positive reviews coming back to us, and the realization that, so many, were being blessed with life-changing experiences, I was inspired beyond anything I had ever felt before. It was simply amazing to read the positive impact the recipe was having.

On the other hand, we were also receiving comments like "I don't have a juicer;" "Oh my, the odor emitted in our house from cooking the ingredients in the product is so overwhelming, we just can't do it;" "I'm having trouble finding all the ingredients;" and even "I simply don't have time to make it myself."

And the comments always seemed to end with a question: "Would you manufacture the product to sell to all us who love the product but simply don't want to make it ourselves?"

So you see, our company was not formed with the purpose of “let's sell this product!”
Isaiah's Garden simply came to pass because we were led to help others with health issues that were often similar to our own at a very affordable price. After literally years of research of my own, due to my heart attack, as well as hearing back from scores of others asking us to indeed start manufacturing and marketing Isaiah's Pure Natural, we decided to do so; out of love and out of convenience.

That is literally the story of our company and how we came into being. A story that started off with tragedy in our own family's life, but through this, God is supplying us with an all-natural product that has indeed blessed us and so many others in so many different ways.

We were literally led, through a power much greater than our own, into this endeavor of ours, now known as Isaiah's Garden. With our company logo simply being, WE BELIEVE™... we believe™ in our product line, and we believe™ in our faith.

Needless to say, I am no longer a skeptic regarding health and natural remedies. I can honestly say I BELIEVE as deeply as anyone can believe.

I apologize for the length of this note, but I felt so compelled to share our story with you by you simply coming to know… a little about us. To me, this is very important.

Very quickly, to those who weren’t aware, I have since remarried a fine Christian woman whose name is Kathrine. Kathrine is very involved in our company and has been, and will continue to be, a blessing to me.

God Bless!

Doug and Kathrine Bronson