Questions About Our Natural Food Products

As with any consumer-driven product, we know you might have questions. Below are some that are asked most often.

While Isaiah’s Pure Natural will undoubtedly work differently for every individual, it is most important to note that by adding antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, you will strengthen your ability to fight infection and disease; this is simply a proven fact.

And what does Isaiah’s Pure Natural offer? 100% freshly extracted juices and honey! In particular, the 100% pure honey used in our product is a wildflower/gallberry blend that is a darker variety of honey, which we’ve found has more medicinal value than lighter-colored honey. As a result, Isaiah’s Pure Natural is undoubtedly an immune system strengthener.

Now that is our “ingredient” response…
But we can also share with you the testimonials, including one from the founder of Isaiah’s Garden, Doug Bronson, who, after a massive heart attack in June of 2008, used Isaiah’s Pure Natural exclusively to nurse his heart back to health. This, plus additional testimonials from around the world, gives us a high level of confidence that this product has health benefits that work. Testimonials we’ve received mention heart health benefits, including help opening blocked arteries, lowering LDL cholesterol, easing blood pressure, as well as help battling asthma, diabetes, vocal cord paralysis, Hashimoto’s disease, and numerous other conditions.

*DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and is not FDA approved. None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Furthermore, none of the statements on this website should be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

No doubt, this is probably the biggest misconception about our family of products.
Our products are not juices like you would buy at a convenience or grocery store. If it were just another juice to drink, like orange juice, then of course, our prices would appear quite out of kilter with the norm.

The Isaiah’s Garden family of products are meant to be used in small doses daily; either 1 TABLESPOON a day, for example, if you are using our products purely for health reasons, or a bit more if you are using a spritz here and a dab there to enhance flavoring for a variety of foods. The point is, each of our products is 100% pure natural—the best you can get, and each will last you, on average, 30 days, depending on your individual use.

Using Isaiah’s Pure Natural as an example, you are likely looking at an average cost of .67 cents per day. That’s pretty good when you weigh the benefits.

Isaiah’s Pure Natural is our flagship product and the primary reason for our company, Isaiah’s Garden. If there is one of our products we would like to see your purchase, this is the one. With its proven health benefits and low cost, Isaiah’s Pure Natural would be our choice of purchase.

But frankly, each of our products provides so many uses that to have each in your kitchen cabinet would be a benefit for health and for other uses, like cooking. They are all amazing products, each 100% pure and 100% natural—even our honey.
Our recommendation would be to buy each at least once. Try them all. From there, determine what works best for your lifestyle and family, and proceed accordingly. But to reiterate, if we were recommending just one of our products, it would be Isaiah’s Pure Natural.

At the moment, you cannot, but we are working daily on getting this done. It is only a matter of time before our products are available at a number of stores nationwide.

NO, you do not drink an entire bottle, although if you did, it would not be harmful to you… maybe just a little expensive.

No doubt this has been a misconception on the consumer end, and we are doing all we can to eliminate the confusion. In reality, your recommended daily dosage rate is 1 tablespoon, with each 15-ounce bottle of Isaiah’s Pure Natural (as an example) representing a 30-day supply. That’s a cost breakdown of around 67 cents per day.

After receiving your order, we ship the same day. However, shipping times can vary depending on order volume and time of year.

To be safe, you will have every order in your hands within 5 to 7 days tops, but likely sooner.

Having a heart attack, as the founder of Isaiah’s Garden did in 2008, can have some profound effects on a person, like coming face to face with your own mortality? After Doug’s heart attack in 2008, he knew things had to change—with his body physically, and with his spiritual life. He had not been taking care of himself, and he had kept God at a distance, and he embarked on a journey to change both.

On the physical side, Doug decided to take things into his own hands and figure out how he could feed his body, particularly his heart, with the best ingredient's nature had to offer. Thus, the five products you see available on this website:

Isaiah’s Pure Natural Isaiah’s Lemon Life Isaiah’s Ginger Snap Isaiah’s Pure Honey, and Isaiah’s Pure Garlic Extract

All 100% pure. All 100% Natural. All Good for the Heart.
The name came from the spiritual side of the equation. Doug began seeking God’s guidance in his life, and when developing the new products, he kept thinking about the prophet Isaiah—and ultimately picked that name for both the company and the products.

Isaiah, a man of strong character, deep faith in God, courage, and conviction, was the man of the hour whom the Lord selected to carry the torch of truth in the midst of spiritual darkness. To Doug, that seemed like a mantel he wanted to pick up, however much smaller the scale. And Isaiah’s Garden was formed.

Nowadays, to meet the market demand, many companies are producing artificial honey by using nectar from different plants, which tastes like honey but does not have any benefit apart from increasing sugar in the body. So, how do you identify pure honey?

Here are a few tricks:
Take a glass filled with water and then put a drop of honey in it. If it goes down and settles in the base, then it is pure honey; if it gets dissolved in water before reaching the base, then it is impure.
If you pour honey on a plate, and it comes down rolling like a snake, then it is pure; but if while falling it spreads over the plate, then it is not pure.
Pure honey has an aroma, and in the winter, it tends to contract, while in summer, it melts. Impure honey has the same consistency and is not affected by the weather.
Pure honey does not leave any mark if it falls on cloth, but impure honey will stain cloth or material.
Pure honey is transparent, but impure honey is semi-transparent.